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Llorenç Codorniu

Jaume Codorniu & Bertomea

Joan Codorniu & Maria

Joan Codorniu & Eulàlia Gras

Joan Codorniu & Gerònima Surià

Joan Felip Codorniu & Maria Rosell

Maria Anna Codorniu & Miquel Raventós

In 1658 Anna Codorniu married Miquel Raventós and the name of the family which owned the Can Cordorniu estate changed.

Fèlix Raventós & Agnès Mestres

Miquel Raventós & Anna Estruch

Miquel Raventós & Maria Ferr

Sadurní Raventós & Margarida Petit

Josep Raventós Petit & Marina Pou

He died suddenly on 30th October 1809 as a result of a "fright" from the French during the Peninsular War.

Jaume Raventós & Josepa Fatjó

Josep Raventós Fatjó & Teresa Domènech

An intellectually lively heir: he developed the mistela sweet wine business. He made the first sparkling wine using the Champenoise method in 1872.

Manuel Raventós Doménech & Montserrat Fatjó

A great wine grower, he pioneered the replanting of white grapes after the phylloxera epidemic in 1888. An enterprising man, he transformed his father's innovation into a sparkling wine concern, founding Codorniu S.A. in 1926.

Manuel Raventós Fatjó & Montserrat Blanc

He headed the Raventós estate and the Codorniu concern throughout a long period of national and international crisis.

Josep Mª Raventós i Blanc & Isabel Negra

Heir to the Raventós family, owner of 90 hectares of vineyards in Sant Sadurní and head of Codorniu S.A. up to 1982. Creator of the CAVA denomination and president of its regulatory council. Leader of the sector and mayor of Sant Sadurní. Founder of Raventós i Blanc in 1986.

Manuel Raventós i Negra & Anna Vidal

Together with his father Josep María he set up the Raventós i Blanc cava business. He struggled to make the dream of a prestige sparkling wine methode traditional with a unique personality and quality into a reality our region. Creator of single-vineyard cava.

Pepe Raventós i Vidal y Susana Portabella

Son of Manuel and Anna, he joined Raventós i Blanc.

Isabel Negra

Widow of Josep María Raventós i Blanc, with her grandson Pepe Raventós. Isabel Negra has continued to be highly committed to the project all the way through.

Manuel Raventós & Pepe Raventós

Father and son are once more at the forefront of the project. Manuel Raventós, president and oenologist of the winery and his son Pepe, manager, oenologist and vine grower at Raventós i Blanc. Two generations working side by side for a single dream: to create a prestige brand among the great sparkling wines of the world.

Pepe Raventós

Pepe Raventós decides that Raventós i Blanc leaves the DO Cava and recovers Conca del riu Anoia.