Manuel Raventós

President and oenologist at Raventós i Blanc. Manuel Raventós Negra is the eldest of Josep María Raventós i Blanc and Isabel Negra i Valls’ 11 children. He was brought up in the family home at Can Codorniu, in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. He went to the Sant Josep school in Sant Sadurní before going to Barcelona to complete his secondary education. He holds a degree in agricultural engineering, specializing in agrarian industries, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and holds a diploma in oenology from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). He began his career by helping to set up several pioneering ventures on the Ebro Delta (horticulture and seed rice, drainage and agricultural infrastructure, logistics and distribution of refrigerated and frozen produce). He maintains connections with them today. In 1986, together with his father Josep María, he founded the firm of Raventós i Blanc. Shortly after setting up the company his father died and he was left alone with the winery. The early days were a time of great sadness, but at the same time filled with hope and enthusiasm. With the support of his mother, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends from all over Spain, the Josep María Raventós I Blanc sparkling, the first coupage of its creator, was launched. Manuel Raventós created the first estate sparkling in the 90s: Raventós i Blanc. During the 90s he had a hard struggle to keep the winery afloat; a difficult economic situation and internal problems forced Manuel to sell the property owned by Raventós i Blanc in Bordeaux, Chateau d'Aiguille, and the family home of Can Codorniu (which belonged to him as heir to the Raventós family). Today he remains at the head of the winery, true to his ideas, travelling all over Spain and the world to organize tastings and preparing each new vintage with the same enthusiasm as the first coupage.