At the winery our job is to preserve all the work we have done in the vineyard as much as possible. The first 48 hours after the grapes come in are vital, and we are highly demanding during these first hours. The grapes are all picked by hand and transported as quickly and carefully as possible. From the moment when the grapes go into the press we start to add dry ice to protect them from oxygen. We only use the "mosto flor" for our wines and sparkling wines, the must from the first pressings. We carry out static racking, leaving the particles to settle. Once the must is clear we remove it, making sure of the exact amount of cloudiness to leave in the must to be fermented. Alcoholic fermentation is in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 18ºC. Once alcoholic fermentation is complete, our base wines are left to stand until it is time for blending and tirage. Our sparkling wines are aged for at least 18 months in the case of l'Hereu and De Nit, 3 years for the de la Finca, 4 years for Textures and a maximum of 7 years for our longest-aged sparkling wine. During these months the sparkling wines change their aromatic profile and gain in complexity. Once ageing on the lees is complete, we move on to the clarification and disgorging of our sparkling wines. The expedition liqueur, determined depending on the conditions of each vintage, must make the most of the job done by nature and the vine, the stamp of the personality of Raventos i Blanc sparkling wines.