The Mediterranean Climate at Raventós i Blanc

The Raventós property has the climatic conditions typical of the Mediterranean interior, with mild winters and hot, dry summers, where variations in temperatures are moderated by the nearness of the sea. The Raventós i Blanc estate is situated in the geographical depression located between the coastal mountains to the east and Montserrat to the north, with the Compte hills to the west, in the centre of the Alt Penedès wine-growing region. The surrounding mountains help to create an ideal climate for cultivating grapes. On one side the coastal mountains act as a barrier to the excessive humidity of the coastal areas. On the other, Montserrat and the Compte hills protect our part of the Penedès from the winds and low temperatures coming from the Pyrenees. The average temperature on our estate is 15ºC and annual rainfall can reach 900 litres a year, the average being 550l/m2. The lowest temperatures are in January, at around 2ºC, and the highest in July, around 28ºC. It can freeze between 1st November and late April. The climate of the Penedès is sunny, with an average of 2,548 hours of sunlight favouring excellent ripening of the grapes.