Montserrat mountains
The lake, a unique ecosystem; a hunting reserve in the centre of the property
El Serral woods, a habitat for all kinds of birds, foxes, wild boar and deer

The Microclimate of the Estate

Raventós i Blanc has a weather station set up on its property, enabling us to observe and become aware of all the variations which occur over the year. We have climate data going back to 1900, a history which means we know our estate and its climate almost perfectly. The microclimate of the estate is determined by the Serral hill and its contours, which define the direction in which each plot faces, by the lake and by the tracts of woodlands. The coolest plots on the estate lie on the northern and north-eastern sides of El Serral as they have less hours of sun, and all the grapes from them are used to produce our longest-aged our sparkling wines Conca del riu anoia. The plots facing south and south-east have higher temperatures and their grapes are mostly used in still wines. The lake and tracts of woodland on our estate act to moderate the temperature, avoiding heat shock and making long-slow ripening possible. This is why the best grapes come from the north side of El Serral, bordered by the woods above and the lake below. These grapes are the ones which retain their acidity best for our long-aged single-vineyard sparkling wines.