La Plana
El llac
Clos del Serral

The Estate Plot by Plot

The vineyards on the Plana plot, facing north-northwest, with deep soils, are very cool and the conditions are ideal for the vines to perform correctly throughout the vegetative cycle, attaining the ideal degree of ripeness and keeping their acidity right to the end. Xarel•lo, Macabeu and Chardonnay are the varieties planted here, and give our sparkling wine De la Finca its unique personality. On the north-facing Llac plot, we have the Xarel•lo (1978) and Chardonnay (1987) varieties. The soils on this plot include two contrasting layers. On the surface is 80-100 cm of red clay which releases water throughout the vegetative cycle, providing the coolness the plant needs. Deeper down is the calcareous bedrock with rounded pebbles embedded in it, which limits the water reserve, giving more body to the grapes planted here. The influence of the lake moderates the climatic conditions, avoiding heat shock and favoring slow ripening. Clos del Serral is the highest part of the northern slope of El Serral, the steepest and the closest to the woodland atop El Serral, which provides shade during the hottest part of the day. It is our finest, coolest plot, where the Xarel•lo grows. This variety has the longest vegetative cycle and they are always the last grapes to go into the winery. Xarel•lo, planted in 1954, is our most distinctive variety, grown in high-trained goblet form with wooden posts to elevate the vegetation. It has two different types of soil: clay over a deep limey, sandy subsoil and clay over compact galera, both with large amounts of loamy calcareous concretions. On the southern slope of El Serral we grow the Xarel•los for our white wine Silencis. On the western slope we have planted Monastrell for our most ambitious red, 11, and on the eastern side Cabernet Sauvignon, which is one of the components of the red wine Isabel Negra. In the lowest area of the south-facing part, Barbera, we once again have very deep soils, similar to those found in the Plana area. These are therefore soils with a high water reserve which balances the hours of sunshine in this south-facing area, once more supplying the plant with the water it needs to keep the crispness we seek in our sparkling wine. We have planted Chardonnay and Parellada, which we use for our sparkling wine de la Finca.